Cook With Heart, Feed With Love™

Why Choose Buzz?
Everything starts from a simple question.
"How to produce an affordable and high-quality pet food so that every pets can grow healthily and happily with pet parents?"

This simple question has been an ultimate mission that Dr. Chayut thrives for more than three decade. Starting his career as a veterinarian, Dr. Chayut used to save injured pets with his own hands. During his career as a vet, he discovers that dogs’ diets is the most influential factor that determines a dog’s health. Seeing an opportunity 25 years ago, he begins his venture to become a distributor for couple of super premium formulated pet foods.

The accumulated medical knowledge, and business experiences combine with his care for animals have been crystallised into Buzz, which aim to maximise healthy growth for pets, yet you can easily afford. “Buzz” refers to buzz marketing, the concept is that we do not advertise on mass media, but we relies on word of mouth promotion. Therefore, it is almost guarantee that our products’ quality is second to none and is specifically formulated, produced and packaged to meet the highest standard.

Kibble from the best source TM

All of our products are manufactured around the world to ensure that we will get the best source of natural proteins and ingredients to formulate the highest quality pet food with more affordable price.